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Choosing The Right Hair Treatment For You At Brooklyns Hair Salon In Buckinghamshire

Everyone's hair needs some TLC every now and again! Give your hair the love it needs with the right hair treatment for your hair type, hair needs and hair concerns. At Brooklyns Hairdressing Salon in High Wycombe, we offer the best hair treatments for you.

If you're not sure which hair treatment is the right hair treatment for you, keep reading as our hair care experts explain how to find the perfect hair treatment for your hair.

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How To Choose The Right Hair Treatment

Choosing the right hair treatment for your hair can often feel like a daunting task, especially when you're not a hairdresser! That's why, we're here to help every step of the way. Book in for a free consultation with a member from our highly trained and experienced team.

During the consultation, we will assess your hair type and hair condition to recommend the perfect hair treatment for what your hair needs. A consultation with us only takes 15 minutes and you can even book it easily online.HAIR COLOUR CORRECTION EXPERT SALON NEAR ME

Joico 4-Step Hair Treatment

If your hair looks dull and is feeling weak and brittle, the Joico Rejuvenating System is the hair treatment for you. This 4-step hair treatment is designed to rebuild and protect damaged hair for strong, shiny hair once more.

The Joico 4-Step Hair Treatment includes a clarifying shampoo along with a cuticle sealer both or which work wonders on hair that has been exposed to chlorine or hard water. It also utilises a 5-minute intensive hair treatment that rebuilds the hair structure and is ideal for damaged and chemically-treated hair. Finally, a luxurious hair treatment is applied to seal the cuticle for soft, shiny hair which makes this treatment perfect for dry, frizz-prone hair,

Joico Hair Treatments at Brooklyns Hair Salon

OLAPLEX Hair Repair Treatment

For those of you that have bleached hair or colour-treated hair, this hair treatment is for you! OLAPLEX is designed to help rebuild bonds that are damaged during the hair colouring or bleaching process.

The best part about this hair treatment is we can add it to your hair colouring service so that your hair colour will look brighter and shinier whilst your hair will feel stronger and healthier.


Cocochoco Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin treatments are designed specifically for dry, frizzy hair. In fact, this treatment is suitable for virgin and chemically treated hair (including hair that has been bleached, highlighted, coloured, permed or relaxed).

The Cocochoco Keratin Hair Treatment works to smooth and eliminate frizz for up to 5 months! Depending on whether you'd like to keep your natural curl pattern or straighten your hair, we can smooth your hair according to the look you'd like to achieve - just let us know during your free consultation.

Keratin Treatment at Brooklyns Hair Salon in High Wycombe

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