Perming At The Best High Wycombe Hairdressers

If you've always wanted curly hair, we can make your curly haired dreams come true! At Brooklyns Hair in Buckinghamshire, we offer the best perming services to create gorgeous curly hairstyles for you. Achieve long-lasting, perfect curls with a perm at our High Wycombe salon.

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The Modern Perm


Modern perms look very different to the 1980s perm! Rather than the tight 80s curls, we can now create more natural-looking, soft curls that have beautiful bounce and movement. Make sure to visit us at the best curly hair salon in Buckinghamshire for our amazing perming services!

Perming For Men & Women

Perming at Brooklyns Hair Salon in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

At Brooklyns Hair Salon in Buckinghamshire, our perming services are suitable for all adults! A popular men's hair trend is short back & sides with curly hair on top. Even if you have naturally straight hair, we can still create this on-trend gent's hairstyle for you using our perming service.


Perm Specialists

Perming at Brooklyns Hair Salon, High Wycombe, Bucks

During a consultation, we will assess your hair type & condition to decide whether your hair is suitable for perming. We will then explain the perming process & find out your desired curl result. As the curly hair experts in High Wycombe, we can create the best curls suited to you.


Benefits Of A Perm


Through our perming services, we can create the curl pattern that you desire. There are many benefits to perms including added volume to your new curly hairstyle. A perm will also save you time as you hair will already be curled, so you can ditch the hair curler and wake up ready to go! 

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At Brooklyn Hair in High Wycombe, we're here to help you achieve the hair you've always wanted. Book a consultation so we can assess whether a perming service is suitable for you.  To book your appointment, call 01494 524160 or book online.