Colour Correction

Colour Correction At The Best Hair Salon In High Wycombe

If you've had a hair colour mishap, don't worry! At Brooklyns Hairdressing Salon in Buckinghamshire, our hair colour experts can colour correct hair colour disasters to restore you to a hair colour that you love once more. Whether you've had a DIY hair colour gone wrong or another salon has created a hair colour you don't like, make sure to book a hair colour consultation at our High Wycombe hairdressers as soon as possible.

Please Note: If you have not had your hair coloured by us in the past 6 months, you will need to come in for a quick allergy patch test at least 48 hours before your hair colouring appointment.

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Common Hair Colour Issues


As colour correction specialists, we've seen every hair colour problem you can think of! When you've had a hair colour gone wrong, it can be easy to think you can fix it yourself by putting another hair colour over the top. You shouldn't do this though as often it can make the problem worse. Our highly trained colour technicians are skilled and experienced in dealing with hair colour issues and know how to solve common hair colour problems. The most common hair colour issues include unwanted brassy tones, green tinges in blonde hair colours, warm tones in dark hair colours, orange hair shades and uneven patches of colour. At Brooklyns Hair Salon, we can fix all these hair colour problems!

Repairing Over-Bleached Hair


Bleaching your hair yourself is often a recipe for disaster and in the worst cases can result in your hair falling out! Leave hair colouring and bleaching to the professionals at Brooklyns Hairdressers where we will ensure to maintain the condition of your hair. Over-bleaching your hair can result in your hair becoming dry, brittle and damaged. To keep your hair in the best condition, we offer a range of conditioning treatments for happy, healthy hair. During your hair colour consultation, we will always let you know what we can achieve with your hair. If you have very dark hair and want a colour change to light blonde hair colour, it is important to note that it will likely take more than one appointment.

Changing Your Hair Colour


To avoid having a hair colour disaster, make sure to always book your hair colour appointments at Brooklyns Hair Salon in High Wycombe. We are dedicated to creating the perfect hair colours for you. If you'd like to have a hair colour transformation, make sure to book in for a colour change consultation. During your consultation, we can assess the condition of your hair, discuss what hair colour you'd like to achieve and explain the process to you. If you don't know what hair colour you'd like, we can recommend the right shade to suit your eye colour and skin tone. Our colour technicians are trained in the latest hair colouring techniques and hair colour trends to provide you with the best results. 

Fixing Brassy Hair Tones


Achieving the perfect tone in blonde hair colour takes the level of expertise and training that our colour technicians have. Bleaching your hair at home and DIY balayage kits may seem like they are easy to do yourself, but they often do not turn out how you would expect. At our High Wycombe salon, we can help fix any unwanted brassy hair tones or orange hair hues. Through this, as blonde hair specialists, we can create platinum blonde hair colours and cool toned blondes for you. If you've had a hair colour disaster, we will assess your hair during a consultation and use the right hair colouring techniques to rectify and solve your hair colour issues. The end result will be gorgeous, blended, even hair colour.

Hair Appointments At Brooklyns Hair Salon In Buckinghamshire

 If you've had a hair colour gone wrong, don't panic. Just book an appointment as soon as possible at Brooklyns Hairdressing Salon in High Wycombe. To book your hair appointment, call us on 01494 524160 or book online.